Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Favorite Inexpensive / Free Home Makeover Ideas

It's Saturday morning, and I'm stuck home with a cold, which means I didn't make it to San Francisco to see Suze Orman after all. :(

Normally, I'd get cozy on the couch and watch countless hours of HGTV, but since I don't have cable, I'm doing the next best thing...internet research on the DIY home makeovers! Not only are the inexpensive or free, they also take advantage of stuff you may already have around the house, so you're saving the earth as well! Here are five of my favorite ideas so far:

1. Revamped Boxes for Office Storage - Use your excess wrapping paper and gift tags to turn old shoe boxes into office storage solutions.

2. From Tableware to Toiletries - Take mismatched tableware, like sugar bowls and creamers, and use them to hold your toiletries instead.

Courtesy of Real Simple - No-Money Home Makeover Ideas

3.  DIY Headboard - Make your own headboard using sheet installation, fabric, and buttons - no sewing required!

Courtesy of HGTV Canada - She's Crafty - Episode: I'm Loving It

4. Spice It Up! - Here's a cute way to store your herbs and spices in bottles with a vintage apothecary look.

Courtesy of Eat Drink Chic - DIY Authentic Vintage Paper Labels!

5. Mosaic Wall - Using scrapbook paper and glue dots, create an apartment-friendly mosaic wall and brighten up any room. (I want to try this, but with more muted colors and some patterns thrown in!)

Courtesy of The Swell Life - Colorful Mosaic Wall on the cheap!!!

Of course, there are tons more easy and cheap DIY ideas there. Check my out my links and blogroll to connect to other sites with similar ideas!

I can't wait to try one of these out...hopefully today, if I'm up to it. I need to get my place ready for the holiday party I'm hosting!

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