Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Luna Pads: Would You Wear These?

It's just about that time of the month again, and I need to buy some new feminine products.

I was poking around the Fake Plastic Fish website, and I came across Luna Pads, a company that sells sustainable menstrual alternatives like Lunapads washable cloth pads and The DivaCup menstrual cup (made of silicone).

Luna Pads

The DivaCup

I plan to go plastic-free this month, but I was just thinking of getting Tampax with the biodegradable applicator. I'm not sure if I'm willling to go this far...

Tell me...would you wear these?


  1. Yes! In fact, I've been using them for awhile now. My 15 yr old daughter started wearing them over 2 years ago and LOVES them. She actually FREAKS OUT if we are out and she starts her period....she hates disposables.

    And I've been using the Diva Cup and LOVE it!!! It's awesome!

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback, Karen. If a 15 year old is brave enough to try the product, then I can too! But I'll have to wait until next month! :)